What Litter Do I Use for My Cats?

For years I bought the generic store brand cat litter because it was…well, cheap.  Every couple of weeks I’d run up to the local pet store, refill the heavy plastic bins from their open pit of cat litter, and try not to break my back in the process.  There are many things to consider when choosing a new cat litter, but these are a few that may be important to you:

  1. Cost
  2. Dust or allergen particles
  3. Clumping versus non-clumping
  4. Odor control (will your cat like the scent)
  5. Texture (will your cat use it)
  6. Complexity of the litter system (do you have to buy other parts)
  7. Environmentally safe
  8. Helps animal rescues

I finally made the switch away from the generic kitty litter for my own cats (I have three) after I discovered corn litter in a client’s bathroom. Now, I don’t particularly enjoy scooping litter during pet visits. But, I must say, the ease with which I was able to scoop up the corn litter was unexpectedly pleasant! They say it’s sometimes the simplest pleasures in life that warm the heart, right?

In the past, I used garbage bags as liners but once I began using “World’s Best Cat Litter,” I could do away with the liners.  This was a HUGE plus for me!  Now with this “sustainable” corn litter, there is no tough scraping of the sides of the pan as with many clumping cat litters.

The World’s Best Cat Litter has six formulas.  I’ve tried both the Original formula and the Multi-cat formula which has a slightly darker color and cedar smell.  You can buy this litter at Kroger, Hollywood Feed, Petco, or online in many stores including Amazon.  Price for a 28 lb. bag is around $23.  They also donated over 500k+ pounds of litter to shelters.  Try it out and see if you and your fur babies love it, too!

Do you have a favorite home or pet product? Share it with me and I may write about it in my next post.

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