Keeping Your Pet Safe Is My Priority.

Emergencies & Vet Visits

In the case of an emergency, I will attempt to reach you by phone immediately (day or night). If you cannot be reached, I will transport your pet to your veterinarian of choice with your permission, during or after hours. For non-emergency illnesses (such as limping, diarrhea and vomiting, etc.) I will transport your pet to your veterinarian after contacting you first. Consider leaving payment information with your veterinarian for extended vacations.

Are There Any Risks in Pet Sitting?

  • Property damage is a risk of leaving pets unattended in your home.
  • Sick pets can leave soiled carpets or bedding.
  • Anxiety disorders (storm fright or separation anxiety) can result in scratched/chewed furniture, bedding, toys, carpet, drapery, door frames, etc.
  • Soiling can also occur with young pets (under 1 year of age) or if your pet doesn’t have enough scheduled visits per day.
  • Escaped pets are an uncommon risk involved with pet sitting, yet still a possibility when your property is not fenced or if there are holes in the fence or a gate that is not locked properly. Some pets are quick to run out an opened door so please warn me if your pet is an escape artist!
  • Unexpected illness or injury, while rare, can happen when you are out of town, especially if your pet has a medical condition.
  • Neighborhood animals could potentially enter or have contact with your pet through a fence.

How to Alleviate Risks

1. If property damage occurs while you are away, I will attempt to contact you and clean the area for the safety of the pet. It is highly recommended to crate your pet if you are concerned with property damage. Please double check your fence and gate before leaving town, and let me know if your pet could run out the door.

2. Dogs should have collars with name tags, and especially if your pet has been known to escape. Please try not to schedule yard or pool maintenance while you are out of town or alert contractors that pets could be loose.

3. I recommend no less than two visits per day for dogs and one visit per day for cats. Once daily visits are accepted for dogs that use a doggy door and have a food and water feeder. Every day and 1/2 visits are accepted on a case by case basis for multi-cat homes that are indoor only with a food and water feeder. If the food or water bowl is empty for any visit, then once daily will be required for cats and twice daily for dogs.

4. Make sure to schedule enough visits, so your pet has enough bathroom breaks. If your dog has multiple accidents during a 24-hour visit in the home, then more visits may be required. All of these precautions keep your pet safe and happy while you are away!

5. Avoid buying NEW treats for your pet (i.e. never tried before). This is the #1 cause of diarrhea while owners are out-of-town.

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