These Make Your Home Smell Amazing!

If you own a pet, you know that keeping your home odor free is next to impossible without constant cleaning. With three cats and a dog living in my house, I know the all-too-familiar aroma of an untidy litter box or a dog blanket that could use a good washing. The solution? Bath & Body Works Wallflowers.

I first discovered BBW wallflowers in a client’s home that always smelled amazing, but I couldn’t figure out where the scent was coming from, was it a candle…a spray? How could her house smell delicious year-round?

Her secret odor eliminator was the “Warm Vanilla Sugar” wall fragrance plug.  I  tried them myself and immediately was hooked. I have since recommended wallflower fragrance to multiple friends, neighbors and even bought them for my mom as a Christmas gift last year. Here are my favorite scents in order (I’m partial to kitchen smells):

  1. Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel
  2. Apple Crumble
  3. Frosted Cupcake
  4. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
  5. Warm Vanilla Sugar
  6. Honeysuckle
  7. Tiki Beach
  8. Marshmallow Fireside
  9. Chestnut & Birch

I just ordered Pumpkin Cupcake and I’ll let you know how it rates very soon! I do not recommend the aromatherapy fragrances, such as “Energy,” due to the sneezing it caused in my cats (especially if your pet may have sensitivities or allergies).

Plugs are purchased separately from the fragrance. Plugs start from $4.50 for a simple white design or you can spend more for fancier wallflowers. Fragrances come in single or double packs for $6.50 – although if you join the BBW mailing list, there are frequent deals and discounts. Try it out and enjoy!

Do you have a favorite home or pet product? Share it with me and I may write about it in my next post.

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