Time Your Lighting with Flameless Candles

I remember walking into a client’s home one night for the evening pet visit. Surprised to see a room full of lit candles, I wondered, “Gosh! Did they forget to blow them out?” As I bent over a glowing candle to extinguish the mishap, it suddenly occurred to me — these candles are not real. How cool!  Since then, I discovered that flameless candles are quite popular these days, and not just because they are beautiful.

Flameless candle use has its benefits. The obvious reason for me is because they are not a fire hazard. Beyond the safety reasons, however, I like that they can last for hours, saving energy by operating with batteries. Also, some brands of flameless candles have a built-in timer. You set the candles to automatically turn on/off at a particular time every day. Setting a timer is convenient because you won’t have to worry about light bulbs burning out while you are out of town!

I did a little research, and flameless candles come in a variety of sizes, with or without a dancing flame (i.e. burned-wick-look), colors, and even with real wax. The light source glows from inside the candle and is usually plenty of light for a smaller room or space.

Candle Impressions pillar candles come highly recommended on Amazon. You get a set of 5 LED battery operated pillar candles for $35. Two AA batteries should work for 1000 hours of glow time. You may purchase on the Candle Impressions website or find a variety of brands, including Candle Impressions, on Amazon. Read the fine print to determine the exact features of your flameless candle as they are not all the same.

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